Sax Man

Sax Man is the result of a collaboration between David Hood (No BS Brass), Robotic Raptor, and ten-thousand additional David Hoods.

Beginning with the music, we composed a piece of music specifically for David that highlights his particular style of playing and personality. Layering David on top of David, on top of David on top of Davids, we created an ensemble of Davids that supported four solo Davids, which were played on on Soprano, Alto, Bari, and Bass saxes (three of which were David's.)

After listening to the piece, we developed the narrative and decided that we needed more Davids. David was then placed in front of a green screen to create a visual army of Davids, which we then put in space.

The result is a psychedelic, ceremonial rite which pays tribute to the great big Gods of Sax in the sky (David).